Network Design & Deployment

The initial design of your IT network plays an important role in the future growth and stability of your business. Our engineering base has skilled people from all areas of IT and Lost Link Group is now one of Canada’s leading professional IT organizations. We implement new systems almost every day. This experience allows Lost Link Group to provide your business with state of the art solutions and helps you develop strategic plans to suit your business and guide its growth in the future. Whether you have 2 or 200 users, we can design your network and implement it on time and on budget.

Bringing Corporate Skills to Small/Mid Range Business

Our experience in large organizations allows us to apply skills and techniques to your business at a price you can afford. Designed in redundancy, disaster recovery processes and system availability (uptime) are all established practices for large business, but in most small / mid range businesses they are often not applied. Our knowledge and skills in security, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and failure tolerant systems can all be cleverly applied to help your business development using the technology investment you have made.

Making IT Work

One of the more difficult things is getting everything to work together. Lost Link Group can draw on a large pool of experience over a diverse range of technologies in both hardware software and ancillary related office tools that can be applied in assisting you to overcome almost any difficulty you might encounter..