Lost Link Group performs repairs and maintenance for PC's and on most electronic equipment in the house. This is a capability that gives us a unique advantage to support your business. From power supplies, UPS and Monitors, we can repair most things in-house.  Got a server down and can’t get a power supply for 24 or 48 hours? This capability means we can usually repair it and get you back up and running while other companies would be waiting for a new one to ship in from another state! Our dedicated comprehensive workshop would be one of the largest in Canada –here we repair everything from Laptops, Monitors, PCs and Servers.  

Looking to outsource maintenance?
Are you responsible for maintenance of distributed systems or have branch offices in Canada? –  then you need a reliable local partner on the ground – Lost Link Group can help you. We provide professional representation for a number of large organizations to help them keep their systems and people working.